Chris DeLong Design takes images to new levels of

perfection. Whether it's removing extraneous detail

from a single image or combining multiple images into a

photo collage, we have the vision and skills for the job.

Over 35 images and illustrations were combined to create the above wrap-around

catalog cover for Primedia Intertec's List Rental Services division. The

artwork represents the broad subject range of their 85 magazines.

StarWars Lunchbox for the Keepsake

division of Hallmark Cards. An actual

original lunchbox was scanned in and cleaned

up for this 1/6th scale collectible ornament.


BARBIE™ collector plate, also for the Keepsake

division of Hallmark Cards. The BARBIE figurine

is wearing a fur-trimmed coat and had to be

cut out from the original photograph and placed

on the new winter scene background. Many

alterations were made to the background and

figurine to maximize the

realism of the scene.

At left you can see

the difficulty involved

in the fur edge and

the color changes made

to the fur and body skin.

Composite image of two faces

for a Universal Underwriters

trade ad (2 pg spread). A single

model was shot in two poses.